Sunday, December 2, 2007


I (Mary) have been having to go back and forth once or twice a month to UAB to help transition the new person into my old position at UAB, and this time I decided to fly it! It was really nice - all I had to do was sit and let someone else do the driving ;) It's a super short flight, we were only in the air 30 minutes, but altogether (security, check-in, etc.) it takes about an hour - still less than half the time it would take to drive. So why not? I squeezed a lot in this trip - worked long days at UAB Thursday Friday; then went to Liz's school's play-off game Friday night (they won and are going to the state championship next weekend!); and on Saturday I got to hang out with the fam, and then I went to Julie's birthday spa-party on Saturday, stayed the night and flew home early Sunday morning, making it just in time for Church! All in all, a great weekend!

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