Tuesday, March 18, 2008


I (Mary) flew out to Las Vegas this weekend for Harleen's bachelorette party and we had a total blast! We did it all- saw the sights, gambled, buffeted and hit the clubs. Of course the highlight for me was that we ran into Paul Rudd @ the Wynn on Friday night just as we were leaving. He was so nice! So, by Sunday night we were all completely exhausted, but it was a great weekend. I had my first non-rev troubles though on Sunday and didn't make it onto the 2pm flight. The next flight to Atlanta wasn't until 10:50 pm so I met back up w/ the girls on the strip for a sightseeing tour and then headed back to the airport at 9 to try to get onto the 10:50 flight or one more leaving at 11:55 pm. Too bad for me, odds didn't look good that I would make either of those. Both were overbooked with standby lists close to 20. There were no seats available on any other airline's flights to Atlanta either, and I was even going to try flying to boston to get a flight out to atlanta, but that flight was overbooked too. I was completely exhausted and ready to go home, completely miserable at the airport but by the grace of God I made it on the 10:50 flight at the last minute and got home around 6 am on Monday morning. I slept for a couple of hours but then had to go in to work because we have a deadline today. Definitely a crazy fun weekend but I gotta say there's no place like home!

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