Monday, April 14, 2008


I (Mary) had meetings in Chicago this weekend for work and luckily Shannon was able to take Friday off and come along for the ride! I was in meetings until late in the afternoon on Saturday, but Shannon ventured out and then we had a couple hours on Sunday to walk around before we had to catch our flight back (well one of us anyway;). We went to Lincoln Park and saw the zoo and conservatory on Saturday, and also went to Millennium Park to see THE BEAN! For dinner, we had deep dish (true chicago-style) at Pizzeria Uno ( which was delicious! On Sunday, we checked out Navy Pier, but were bummed to see that the ferris wheel was closed due to the weather (cold, wet and WINDY!). To cheer ourselves up, we went BACK to the bean for more fun and checked out the 'magnificent mile,' had garrett popcorn and walked down to the river, which is BEAUTIFUL. It was a great trip and a it's a beautiful city, we really liked it! Unfortunately, Shannon couldn't get on a flight out Sunday, and after three tries and one very close call, had to come back this morning at 6 am instead. But he's a trooper and is now safely back at home (thank goodness!) and says it's all worth it! ;) I'm posting a couple pics of the bean aka 'cloud gate' sculpture at millennium park - it's definitely one of the coolest things I've ever seen!

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