Sunday, July 20, 2008


Shannon went to LA to visit Matt this weekend! It was a good trip. I (Shannon) was off on Friday and so was Matt so I caught a flight out Friday morning. I also got to see an old Auburn Aerospace Grad, Rylan. He and Matt both live near LA and work for Northrup Gruman. Rylan has only been out there for about a month but already has a sweet bachelor pad near the beach. We spent most of Friday helping Rylan and the cable guy set up his dish TV. After catching up and confirming that Rylan has more than enough channels to keep him busy we went down to the beach to do a little surfing. Unfortunately the waves had dwindled down to almost nothing. It was pretty much like swimming in a lake with an occasional wave. However, I did manage to catch one of my best waves to date. Just long enough to stand up and look around. Most of my normal "rides" are a slightly extended stand up and fall in one continual motion. I think it had to do with not being exhausted from paddling out against a rougher ocean. We floated a bit more but called it quits. Later that night we went over to Matt's friends house to help move a pool table. We stayed there for the rest of the night playing pool and eating pizza.
Saturday we got up early to do an early morning surf session. The waves were a little better but I was not. I don't think I got a good ride all morning, I did get a good workout though. Did some more hanging out and running errands. Later that afternoon we went back to the friend's (Kevin I beleive) house to shoot some more pool and eat some food cooked on the grill.
Sunday we got up early again to have a quick session with Rylan but the waves were not there. Instead we ate breakfast at a place near Rylan's appartment and I caught a flight home.

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