Saturday, May 30, 2009


We took a road trip to beautiful Asheville, NC for the GSAE meeting this week and had a wonderful time! We took Riley along, and she just loved it too! The opening reception was at the beautitful, historic Grove Park Inn. Check out this great article about the hotel. It is a magical place! The meeting kicked off Thursday morning, and Mary had sessions during the day so Shannon and Riley explored downtown and Shannon checked out the great Antique Car Museum and galleries at the gorgeous Grove Park Inn. He made some new friends at the museum so he took Mary and Riley back after the meeting ended Friday. The guys at the museum have befriended some local squirrells and feed them peanuts in the open doorway - the squirrells will come right up and eat out of your hand!! Check out this great video of Mary feeding a squirrell:

The trip was wonderful, the views amazing and we can't wait to go back to Asheville again soon! You can see pictures from our trip here. Enjoy!

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leena said...

crazy video!
I'm now following your blogs via subscription feeds - so I can keep up with all updates!