Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Diamond Point, New River Gorge, WV
Mary had a board meeting at Glade Springs Resort in Daniels, West Virginia. Since we'd never been, and it's gorgeous this time of year, we made a weekend of it and stayed a day after the meeting to explore the area.

On Saturday morning we went whitewater rafting with Mary's work group, and had an absolute blast. No pictures of that, but we certainly won't forget our adventure on the New River any time soon!

On Sunday, with board dinners and meetings behind us, we spent the day hiking New River Gorge on the 'Endless Wall' trail (which as Ray Ray, our rafting guide on Saturday pointed out, isn't endless at all). The trail runs along the canyon rim for eight miles, but we just did a short 3 mile trek out to diamond point to take in the view before checking out the New River Bridge up close and personal. We got rained on, but not too bad. 

It was really beautiful, and we enjoyed some much-needed 'unplugged' time far removed from the rest of the world.  We came back refreshed, recharged and ready to tackle our busy fall! 

You can view photos from our trip here.


leena said...

white water rafting! eek!

maryvig said...

ha ha! it was soooo much fun!