Monday, February 23, 2009


I (Shannon) spent the weekend in Huntsville sailing with Nathan on his new boat!

Nathan has had the boat for about six months. It is a 1980 or 82?, 30 foot Catalina with an inboard diesel. Like most vehicles of its age (or older) it has little things here and there that give it character and need tinkering but over all it is pretty sweet. Nathan bought it in not so working order. It was in decent shape but the previous owner had driven it under a bridge that did not have enough clearance and broke some support wires, twisted the mast and made it not sailable. That was about two years ago and the boat had been sitting since then when Nathan bought it back in September of 08. Since then Nathan has been doing work here and there and getting it sea worthy again.

This was my first time to ever ride, drive, or "crew" a sailboat. I have always figured I would like it because there are lots of similarities and things that carry over from airplane, sailplanes, and gliders which is something else that interests me a lot. There is something very cool about "harnessing nature" or working with the conditions to get something for nothing. Yep, those are my Hippy roots coming out ;) as Mary would say.

Mary was gone to Birmingham for the weekend and the forecast was looking good for sailing so I flew up to Huntsville Friday night. We spent both Friday and Saturday night on the boat