Saturday, March 29, 2008


Well, during the myriad of flight cancellations yesterday, we (me + work colleagues) had the fortune of having our outbound flights cancelled just THREE times on Friday and finally made it to Dallas just in time to meet everyone for dinner. I can't complain though, there were plenty of people who didn't
make it anywhere on Friday...

Sadly you'll find no stories or pictures of my time in Dallas here, we were in meetings all the next day and then it was back to the airport and home sweet home! But in our effort to document every flight, here's DFW! I can however recommend Pappas Bros. Steakhouse in Dallas - excellent food, fabulous wine list and outstanding service! And the Westin DFW was also very nice :)

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


I (Mary) flew out to Las Vegas this weekend for Harleen's bachelorette party and we had a total blast! We did it all- saw the sights, gambled, buffeted and hit the clubs. Of course the highlight for me was that we ran into Paul Rudd @ the Wynn on Friday night just as we were leaving. He was so nice! So, by Sunday night we were all completely exhausted, but it was a great weekend. I had my first non-rev troubles though on Sunday and didn't make it onto the 2pm flight. The next flight to Atlanta wasn't until 10:50 pm so I met back up w/ the girls on the strip for a sightseeing tour and then headed back to the airport at 9 to try to get onto the 10:50 flight or one more leaving at 11:55 pm. Too bad for me, odds didn't look good that I would make either of those. Both were overbooked with standby lists close to 20. There were no seats available on any other airline's flights to Atlanta either, and I was even going to try flying to boston to get a flight out to atlanta, but that flight was overbooked too. I was completely exhausted and ready to go home, completely miserable at the airport but by the grace of God I made it on the 10:50 flight at the last minute and got home around 6 am on Monday morning. I slept for a couple of hours but then had to go in to work because we have a deadline today. Definitely a crazy fun weekend but I gotta say there's no place like home!

Saturday, March 8, 2008


We flew down to Pensacola to spend the day with the Smiths and celebrate Brady's 1st Birthday coming up this Monday!! We had a great time visiting with them, and we got to eat at Peg Leg's, which is ALWAYS a treat. I made Brady wear this eye patch, but he's a good sport and let me get a pic.