Thursday, February 27, 2014


The gorgeous vineyards at the Hess Collection in Napa
I had a meeting in Napa (torturous, I assure you) last week and had a great trip. My first trip of the year! Not a lot of free time, but David and I did get to walk the cute downtown area the day we came in and enjoyed dinner out before the meeting started the next day. We also had some free time before dinner on Saturday to get out and see the countryside, so we took full advantage. Finally made it out to the Hess Collection to see their lovely art collection and gorgeous vineyards (quite Tuscan-esque). And Rachel, David and I shared a bottle of bubbly on the beautiful grounds of Domaine Chandon before dinner. Great day! The weather was amazing our entire trip, which made for some nice morning runs (no humidity!). There's something so homey about being in Napa. The rolling hills and amazing views, being so close to my beloved vino... ahhhh... serenity.