Friday, July 20, 2012

Monday, July 16, 2012


I was in LA for my second year of institute and Shannon flew out Thursday to join me for the weekend. He's a west coaster at heart ;) With a weasel R/C plan in his carry-on, he came ready to play. Unfortunately, the weather Thursday - Sunday was a bit gloomy, but the afternoons turned out gorgeous. On Friday, we had brunch in Manhattan Beach and then drove into the city to check out the artists district. I loved seeing the LA River, and Shannon looked up the exact spot where the race scene from Grease was filmed, so that was cool to see. The whole district is a really neat up-and-coming area with lots of historic industrial buildings turned work-live lofts. We browsed around and then spent the afternoon relaxing before meeting up with friends for dinner in Venice. Saturday, we drove out to Malibu and had delicious breakfast burritos before heading to the beach. It was pretty chilly the first part of the day, and not very windy, but we did our best. Shannon flew a little, and I bundled up and enjoyed the show. We walked across Duke Point to the cove and the sun came out just long enough for us to lay out and enjoy the gorgeous sunshine. On the way back, there was plenty of wind so Shannon gave the weasel another go, and it was a great run. That night, we had date night in Venice at James' Beach, which was awesome.  Exhausted but happy, we headed back to the hot humid south.