Sunday, December 30, 2007


I (Mary) went down to Pensacola for a couple days after Christmas to visit Jess, Brady & Clint and was shocked to find Brady starting to walk already! It's crazy how quickly he's growing up before our eyes. He's as adorable as ever and is so smart and active! He is all over the place, crawling here, pushing his tractor there - I couldn't keep up ;) I really don't know how Jess keeps up with that guy - he is smokin' fast! He loooves getting a bath - I'm attaching a pic here. I had a really great time catching up with them, and I loved getting to see my little Brady Boy! Can't believe he'll be ONE in just a few months... my oh my how the time flies!

Sunday, December 2, 2007


I (Mary) have been having to go back and forth once or twice a month to UAB to help transition the new person into my old position at UAB, and this time I decided to fly it! It was really nice - all I had to do was sit and let someone else do the driving ;) It's a super short flight, we were only in the air 30 minutes, but altogether (security, check-in, etc.) it takes about an hour - still less than half the time it would take to drive. So why not? I squeezed a lot in this trip - worked long days at UAB Thursday Friday; then went to Liz's school's play-off game Friday night (they won and are going to the state championship next weekend!); and on Saturday I got to hang out with the fam, and then I went to Julie's birthday spa-party on Saturday, stayed the night and flew home early Sunday morning, making it just in time for Church! All in all, a great weekend!