Monday, August 27, 2012

ATL from 14,000 feet!

To celebrate Shannon's 30th, the flying wheats took to the skies (naturally!), and jumped out of a perfectly good airplane, 14,000 feet above the beautiful Georgian countryside.

And videos here (him) and here (her).

Enjoy. We sure did.Flying Wheats INDEED.

Next up on the big birthday agenda, a big birthday trip! Stay tuned...

Thursday, August 16, 2012


Suited up and ready to learn! #DORK
I was in Dallas this week for a fabulous conference where I got to connect with friends and colleagues old and new, and of course spend time learning lots of fun new stuff for the association world in which I live and work.

Dallas was a wonderful host city, and they did a really great job with our convention and related events. I also got to hit up a few more restos on the ol' wishlist which is always a good time.

The opening event was at Cowboys stadium, and it was a total blast, even though I'm not a huge NFL fan. We got to see the locker rooms and party on the astroturf under the world's largest jumbotron, all while being surrounded by the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders and serenaded by Big & Rich. It was a good time.

The closer was at Fair Park, with Vanilla Ice performing live. Childhood dream, fulfilled. You can check out a quick video from my phone of Rob singing his hit song here.

A great meeting, great people, food and entertainment. Check, check, check. Thanks Dallas for a great time! Next summer, this meeting will be held in the ATL (which explains my t-shirt;) and we can't wait to return the favor!